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Got a V6 or four banger pick up or SUV or larger? S10, Bronco II, Explorer, F150, Wrangler, Tacoma, 1500, Ranger, Yukon, GMC Jimmy, etc....

Is the 700 lb hydraulic plow monster too much for your vehicle?

For the cost of a decent snowblower, stay in the comfort and warmth of your vehicle and fill your plowing needs.

We sell a residential/light duty commercial use poly flexible blade plow. It uses a wireless key fob transmitter (wired only available right now, wireless can be added when they become available) that operates an electric actuator to raise and lower and has manual angling capability specifically designed for these lighter vehicles.

It attaches to your vehicle via front mount Class III receiver hitch* (make sure you can get one for your vehicle) with one pin and one suitable 12 volt electrical plug included in the kit. That's it! You are off and plowing. This front hitch is also handy to maneuver a boat or utility trailer.

* NOTE * If the class III receiver is not available for your vehicle, we likely make a dedicated mount for your vehicle and we will just order the same plow with the alternative mount omitting the class III receiver.

Comes with WIRED REMOTE only.

You could recover the cost of the whole setup in one season!

Do not exceed manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle.

Click here to e:mail us for more info, or call us at (631) 981-1620.

Read Testimonials


Snowbear Plow Specifications Outline
UPC (non-certificate) 777094-13670-9
Assembled Plow Weight 290 lbs
Dimensions (w x h) 7' x 20"
Lift System Electric actuator
Angling 3-Position manual
Control System Wireless Remote
Storage/Mounting Cart Heavy-Duty adjustable rollers for easy-on, easy-off plow removal (2-8" bearing rubber tires)
Construction Heavy-Duty reinforced polymer blade, tubular steel frame hardware
Colour/Finish Red, polymer material
Assembly Quick-Time, Do-It-Yourself assembly
Scraper Premium black powder coat finish
Snow Deflector Included
Packaging 2 Boxes - first contains snowblade & blade hardware, second contains plow hardware, wiring and electric actuator
Manual Detailed owner's manual and full colour "Quick-Start Guide" with photos and instructions
Warranty 1-Year limited manufacturer's warranty
Mounting System Mounts on class 3 front mounted receiver**
Point-Of-Purchase Materials Every display is fully merchandised with full colour POP and is a saleable unit
** must be purchased separately from your local professional hitch installer

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Says Andrew of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY:
There was not that much snow today but a Nor-Easter is due by the week end. I figured that this would be anouther chance to get use to my Snow Bear as I would like to make some extra money. When I got home I asked my son if he wanted to plow with me. I figured that that's what a little kid would like, I know a big kid at forty seven would appreciate this. My son watched as I opened my garage door, he said I can't wait to see you pull out that plow dad, your so strong. My response was that I hate to disappoint you but this plow only weighs a couple of hundred pounds and rolls out on wheels. Aligning the tongue of the plow to the class III hitch that I bolted to the chassis on Thanksgiving morning, I set the pin and locked the lock. Reaching into the grill of my Explorer I grabbed the harness and connected it to the second half. Pressing the right hand button on the key chain controller the remote raised the plow and my son exclaimed... Coooooool dad ! I flipped and pinned the wheels in the up position then jumped into the suv. Dropping the plow and going in reverse we backbladed the head of the drive way, then backed the truck out into the street turning right we dropped the plow in motion to clear the snow away for the mailman. Backing up to the garage we pushed the snow forward heaping the snow across the street. Not once did my son ask when will we be finished. I checked my watch realising that after only two snow falls I cleared an eighty foot triple width head driveway in about eighteen minutes.

Said Robert of Patchogue, NY:
I just finished plowing - it worked great - nice unit and i will do a much faster job once i get the hang of it. Thanks again for your help.

Now we hear from Gary of Maine:
Hey Don, This thing is the cats ass!! Just got done with my first plow job. It worked perfectly. It goes all the way down to the ground just like it's made to. Although it was a light fluffy snow, it gave me a chance to get used to the way it works. I'll have to take a picture of this set-up and send it to you. We should put it on Snow Bear's website.(Ha-ha) I think we raised the bar on this one, with our creativity. Thanks for all your support. I very much appreciate you staying with me on this project. Service after the sale.........a rare commodity!! Talk soon, Gary

And now myself:
Finally, something better than advertised! Easy to hookup and remove for about the same cost of a good snowblower. You stay nice and warm in your vehicle. You will do more just to have a little fun in the snow. Don


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